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Girl showing Bulldog 93.3 Tee Shirt

Lunchrox Logo

The Lunchrox with Rob Belton
Weekdays 11AM~2PM
Have a scrumptious rock music delecacy from Rob's Lunchrox.  This show beats the hell out of your baloney sandwich and juice box.

Traffic Jam Logo
Traffic Jam with Chris Muniz
Weekdays 3PM~6PM

Athens Tonight
Weeknights 7PM~10PM
Athens' nightly rock show - featuring Bulldog 93.3's all-star lineup of rotating DJs.  See our 'Crew' page for DJ bios.

Mondays:  Brooke Wallace
Wednesdays:  Rob Belton's CCC (below)
Thursdays:  Elizabeth Gay
Fridays:  Fred Neely

Classic City Countdown logo
The Classic City Countdown
Wednesdays and Saturdays  7PM ~ 10PM
Rob Belton counts down the top 33 rock tracks interspersed with some familiar favorites.  Grab a seat and crank up the stereo at work or home.  This locally produced show is made straight from the head honcho of Farmington, Georgia!

 3 Hour Power Hour logo

Sunday Nights with Dusty Blades
Sundays  7PM ~ 10PM
Dusty Blades lights up the night with your favorite rock hits on Bulldog 93.3.  In addition to the songs you know and love, Dusty throws in some local tracks that will keep you coming back for more.

Chuck Griffin
Weekends With Chuck
Saturdays and Sundays  3PM ~ 6PM
He'll make you laugh with Craigslist missed connections, infamous celebrity news, and plenty of nostalgic 90's alternative bands.  Don't miss this show.  Chuck takes you back to a more simple time weekend afternoons.