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We're the ONLY station in Athens with 100% local shows and 100% local talent.

The Lunchrox with Rob Belton
Weekdays 11AM~2PM
Every day Athens is treated to scrumptious rock music from the Lunchrox.  This show beats the hell out of your baloney sandwich and juice box.

Afternoon Rush

Afternoon Rush with Dave Hadden
Weekdays 4PM~6PM
Need a jolt for your drive home? Listen every weekday as Dave gives you your Afternoon Rush of rock n' roll - including throwbacks that will have you tapping the wheel and cranking your radio to 11.


Dusty Blades 2-Hour Power Hour
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday  7PM ~ 9PM
Dusty Blades lights up the night with your favorite rock hits on Bulldog 93.3.  In addition to the songs you know and love, Dusty throws in some obscure tracks that will keep you coming back for more.

Classic City Countdown Logo
The Classic City Countdown with Rob Belton
Wednesdays and Saturdays  7PM ~ 10PM
Rob Belton counts down the top 33 rock tracks interspersed with some familiar favorites.  Grab a drink and crank up the stereo at work - or home.  This locally produced show is made straight from the head honcho of Farmington, Georgia!